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The Smokaccia Laboratory No wastage.

Farm photo smokaccia.HEIC

 Support organic farming    in Thailand 

At the Smokaccia Laboratory we care about the environment. 

We have a zero wastage policy; This means for us that we don't throw away food. Like Chef Luca Mascolo uses the lobster left-overs for a delicious lobster foam that is paired with the lobster Smokaccia. And after chef Luca makes the chestnut ice cream, he uses the wastage that comes from making that, back into the dessert in different textures.  Or like with the porkbelly skin that can not be inside the 'Smokaccia soft porkbelly' that Chef Luca uses and turns it into porkbelly crunchy skin on the side. 

We support local produce, not only because it is the right thing to do when you have a restaurant in Thailand, but also because there are great farms around and Chef Luca cares the most about the product being as fresh and tasty as possible.

As Luca grew up around the farms in Puglia, the south of Italy, his father, who has a passion for farming. would often drive him around with the bicycle and and let him try all what those farms had to offer. This is how Chef Luca got a very good understanding and passion for those flavours. 


Living in Thailand Chef Luca got carried away with the amazing flavours of many great vegetables that grow here and stays on an ongoing mission to find the best possible quality tasteful products in the country. 


Having a restaurant with a lot of Italian flavours, tomatoes are not to be missed, this is one of the vegetables Chef Luca is extra critical about as he knows the variaties very well. The farm he is most content about is one in Chiang Mai .

Chef Luca is also very passionate about a farm from Nonthaburi where they produce unbelievable

great quality burrata.  

Besides great farms all around Thailand we also work closer to home, together with the family of Smokaccia's sous Chef Arm, as they have a farm that has similar beliefs as what we stand for. They can make things how we like it and they are just great people. 

In the Smokaccia we grow our own herbs; when there is green, there is love ;)

Our packaging is recyclable 


Everyday the freshest fish at The Smokaccia Laboratory


We will grow more and more towards a green environment

and hopefully soon to a green world 

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