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The Smokaccia Laboratory No wastage.

Farm photo smokaccia.HEIC

 Support organic farming    in Thailand 

At the Smokaccia Laboratory we care about the environment. 

At Smokaccia Laboratory, we are deeply committed to environmental conservation. Our zero wastage policy ensures that we utilize every ingredient to its fullest potential. Our tasting menu features special "zero waste dishes" created from leftover ingredients from other dishes, following the creative lead of Chef Luca Mascolo.

Chef Luca's innovative approach transforms unused parts of ingredients into new textures and flavors. For instance, he repurposes lobster leftovers from one dish into another, creating a unique culinary experience. Similarly, the by-products of making chestnut ice cream are incorporated back into our desserts, adding complexity and depth. Even pork discarded belly skin, is transformed into a delectable crunchy side dish.

Chef Luca's upbringing in the agricultural region of Puglia, Italy, instilled in him a profound appreciation for local flavors. His father's passion for farming exposed him to a wide variety of ingredients, sparking Luca's culinary curiosity and creativity.


Having lived in Thailand, Chef Luca draws inspiration from the vibrant flavors of the region, constantly seeking out the finest quality produce for our dishes. His relentless pursuit of exceptional ingredients ensures that every creation at Smokaccia Laboratory is a celebration of flavor and sustainability.


In the Smokaccia we grow our own herbs; when there is green, there is love

Everyday the freshest fish at The Smokaccia Laboratory


We will grow more and more towards a green environment

and hopefully soon to a green world 

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