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The Smokaccia 


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Sustainability, zero waste cuisine









Chef scientist 18 - course tasting menu 

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Chef Scientist 9 - course tasting menu

Takes around 1,5 hour  ( can stay longer)

Open : 

Closed : 

Seating times: 

Closing time : 

For reservation call :

friday - Mon

Tues, wed, thurs 

12 pm - 12.30 - 1pm - 1.30pm

4 pm


The lunch menu is a respresentation

of the evening menu

Chef scientist I8 - course tasting menu 


Takes around 2,5 hours  ( can stay longer )

Open : 

Closed : 

Seating times: 

Closing time : 

For reservation call :

Thursday - Mon


6pm - 6.30pm -7pm

9.30 pm


 A unique experience of an innovative tasting menu by Culinary Scientist award winning Chef Luca Mascolo

Food Art and Alchemy

An evening at The Smokaccia Laboratory

Winning 2 awards


Award 1

'Thailand favourite restaurant'

 Smokaccia Laboratory

by koktail


Award 2

'Culinary Chef Scientist' award

Chef Luca Mascolo

SMO - PIC - Luca Bri Massimo great trio .png

 Managing directors Chef Luca Mascolo, Brigitta Houkamp and restaurant manager Massimo Zoz

The dynamic Smokaccia trio

Chef Luca hails from the farmlands of Puglia in southern Italy. At the young age of 8, he already harbored a fervent ambition to become a chef. Excelling in his school studies and entering the workforce ahead of his peers, he gained invaluable experience working in Michelin-starred restaurants and world-class resorts. His passion for achieving the pinnacle of fine dining and exploring the creative alchemy of food has always been a driving force in his career.


Upon meeting his other half Brigitta, his creative counterpart, Luca felt the time was ripe to venture out on his own. Brigitta's has a passion for restaurant and graphic design, effective communication, creating a strond fitting team, coupled with her entrepreneurial background and similar views as Luca ensuring seamless teamwork.


When their close friend Massimo relocated to Thailand, he embraced the opportunity to join forces with Luca and Brigitta. With his extensive experience in two Michelin-starred establishments and an unwavering dedication to precision, Massimo takes charge of training the staff to the highest standards and delivering exceptional service. His addition has proven to be the final piece of the puzzle, elevating The Smokaccia Laboratory into a truly unparalleled culinary experience.










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