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The Smokaccia Laboratory The team.
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Inventor, chef, director

Just having recieved "The Culinary Chef Scientist Award" by Koktail  makes clear what is Chef Luca's utmost ambition and represents what it is he does and has done at The Smokaccia Laboratory;

Beside having invented a new type of sourdough bread "The Smokaccia" he also Invented a menu with almost all dishes, that can not be found anywhere else in the world, using special techniques to make a variety of home made sauces and flavour combinations that work well

but haven't been used together in this way before;

Like, the impossible vegan pistachio ice-cream without any dairy and most  other desserts, are Chef Luca's passionate work of food art and science. 

Luca Mascolo

Beside inventing a new product, new dishes and unexpected flavour combinations, he takes care of keeping up high standards and consistency 

As a managing director he also takes care of; Enthusiastically giving all interesting information to the guests about all his dishes at the open kitchen /chef table in the restaurant. He also takes care of social media, accounting, inventory, farming and staff matters

Chef Luca values cleanliness and always takes care to only work in a spotless  environment, so much so that once one of the kitchen devices broke and when it was returned to the seller the diagnoses was that it had been cleaned to often. That says it all ;) 

Me photo good coffee smaller .jpg

Managing director

As an entrepeneur , nutricionist Harvard education, designer, growing up with marketing library around mangagerment courses, video editor (Adobe premiere) and former tv producer;  

Brigitta designed The Smokaccia Laboratory that is made with reused sustainable materials and also made the website, the menu, and is responsible for strategy, marketing, photo/video editing,  product management and packaging. 

Take care of happiness of the staff 


 Brigitta Houkamp

Financial director

As an accountant by proffession and managing director of hotels, for the Smokaccia company she takes care of all Thai matters and staff happiness

 Houa Twilaiporn

Massimo Zoz 

Restaurant manager


With 2 Michelin star restaurants on his resume, Massimo trains the staff to the highest service level and with eye for detail. With

Massimo takes care that every guest is feeling like they are coming into a  home

He shared his knowledge about wine, he created a beautiful fitting high quality wine pairing , interesting concept filling natural yeast beer pairing and aan non-alcoholic pairing., 

Massimo loves people and brings happiness to the tables

Impressive fun fact: He moved to Thailand in 2021 and went to the Thai school in Bangkok where he learned fluent Thai in speech and writing in only 1 year! The staff gives him an 8 on a scale from 1 - 10 


Sous Chef

As the name fits well, Arm is Luca's right arm. With his pure interest and enthousiasm to learn to cook on a high level. Arm already  became a great chef while working at The Smokaccia and with his ambitions and natural talent, it's predicted he will reach the top! 

He is very loved by the other employees, as he is also mostly the one who makes healthy and most delicious Thai food for the staff. 

Arm is raised by a farmers family so, as organic and local farming is high on the priority list at The Smokaccia; his 'green' hands are taken to a next level.


Being a pleasant and elegant host is in Netty's blood. She welcomes and informs about everything the Smokaccia Laboratory has to offer.  She is puntual and has the quality to always stay calm no matter what. She loves to learn and get better. 

She is the most honest staff member one can imagine. If you ask her opinion she will answer positive or negative, but always pure and friendly. And that's why everyone loves her!




What about the best dishwasher in the world! Virat always arrives one hour earlier than everyone else. He is always in a good mood and most active to clean the dishes and other areas of the restaurant in detail. 

A man who understands that being a dishwasher is as important as any other job in the restaurant. As a guest recieving the highest level of service also means recieving the most shiny clean plates and cutlery. 

and after 25 years work experience it is outstanding how he still do this with so much enthusiasm!




Barista, waiter

It does exsist; A staffmember who never complaints, is always in a cheerful mood, is never sick, always on time, working steady and has a great eye for detail; her name is Jeng and she is the most reliable staff member one can wish for. 

She might be small but her actions are big. The reason for her huge work commitment; She really loves her work! And for this reason she climbs the ladder since she started working for The Smokaccia. She started as a  cleaner and started to learn how to make juices and coffee and taking out the plates and serving people. She now starts to speak a little bit more English and if she goes on like this one day she will be the manager 

When Chef Luca asks her; Why I never complain about you?

Her anser is; Because I work ;)

Barista, waiter

Zareena is the powerhouse of The Smokaccia Laboratory. Everyone should be jealous of the amount of energy she has to offer. The more busy it is the more fun Zareena has. She is the first one to jump up if she can be of help.

She is always lively and on top of everything. A personality that wakes everyone up and keeps up the good spirits!

She is the most active and least boring person at the Smokaccia 



Service, Runner 

Laila was there from the very beginning and is the most loyal emplayee. 

She loves the variety and is up for any job. So she became the one who does the things where it is needed. Laila is caring and has the most infectious smile. 


Boom HEIC_edited.jpg


chef de commis

Boom is a highly ambitious person who is in the right place to believing the sky is the limit. His energy in the kitchen is infectious and he understands that too serious people don't live a happy life. 

After his experience working as a chef in London he didn't only gain cooking skills but also learnt perfect English which makes it even more pleasurable to be able to socialize with the guests and inform about the dishes. 


Fun fact: He loves cooking so much that he, even on his days off,  cooks for his friends to practice his new learnings. 


chef de commis

Fai is a woman who loves to be 'in the zone' in the kitchen. She is sweet and tough at the same time. She is a fast learner and has na great feel for everything that has to do with food. With her in the kitchen Chef Luca can feel secure everything is going how it should. 


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