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This is a Smokaccia try out / giftbox with 4 smokaccia's in a special package 

The giftbox with 4 Smokaccia's contains 4 homemade infused extra virgin olive oils.

Cooking instructions are on the side of the package


*Can only be cooked in an oven (not microwave oven grill with only heating from top) 


The Smokaccia sourdough is a high quality product:

 100% natural yeast 

takes 50 hours of preperation

premium ingredients.

Made with extra virgin cold pressed olive oil

Crispy on the outside, soft  inside

lightly cold smoked

Very easy to digest

Italian herbs and lightly cold smoked


It will be delivered pre-cooked and frozen, which allows you bake it in the oven anytime convenient and have a freshly baked product. 



  *  If there is a special reason that you need it fresh, unfrozen, than please contact at;

0931794489 or


4 Smokaccia's (frozen) try-out/ gift package - with homemade infused olive oils

  • Allergy information: Contains small amount of dairy, gluten. 


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